Building a Business – So Much To Do, So Little Time

Building a Business – So Much To Do, So Little TimeConsidering an adventure into the realm of online marketing to bring in a few extra dollars, or even better, to build a successful venture that will allow you to retire from the 9 to 5 rat race? Well with any venture, planning is necessary, especially a business venture. In one of my former lives as... Read More »

Welcome To My Blog

This is my very first post to this blog and I would like to offer you a very special welcome. My name is Felix Jarusewic and I pride myself on being an entrepreneur . And while I will not bore you at this point with all my background – I will bore you elsewhere 🙂 – let me... Read More »

Personalize Experiences with Digital Marketing (6 of 11)

Digital marketing case studies show that personalization can be one of the most effective ways to convert browsers into buyers and buyers into loyal customers who will be eager to purchase more products and services from you. There are many personalization tools available these days, but many of them can be quite expensive to... Read More »

Can’t Pay Taxes On Time? Here Are Five Tips

As entrepreneurs, we can get busy and the days can fly by as we engage in the activities that we love. If you are like me, you don't like to stop and spend time on something as mundane as taxes but I have convinced myself that I should consider the chunk of money that it takes from earnings and pay the appropriate attention to... Read More »

Entertain with Videos as You Provide What Customers Want (5 of 11)

If you’ve ever seen an infomercial or purchased something as a result of watching one, you will get an idea of how powerful a selling tool it can be. You are educating and entertaining all at the same... Read More »

Power Up Your Digital Marketing with Visuals (4 of 11)

These days, a web page or blog post doesn’t really look complete without a supporting image to give the visitor to that page a quick glance at what the content will be... Read More »

Turn Short-Term Customers into Loyal Long-Term Customers with Digital Marketing (3 of 11)

Every site and blog struggle to get traffic. Content on a website or blog will help lure them. So too will video, social networking and search engine marketing and pay per... Read More »

Mastering Digital Marketing Basics (2 of 11)

If you are just starting your own online business, you can use this information as a checklist of what you should start working on in order to build your brand and increase your profits. If you have been in business for a while but are not getting the kind of results you hoped for, use this information to evaluate your current digital marketing mix and identify any... Read More »

Use It or Lose It: The Digital Marketing Momentum with Cam Jones (Introduction) 1 of 11

One of the most exciting things about digital marketing is that it is constantly changing. However, this can also be a bad thing. What worked yesterday might not work today. What is just over the horizon could make or break your... Read More »

Here’s A Quick Primer for Forms 1095-A,B,C

As if taxes weren't confusing enough for the average entrepreneur, along comes a series of new forms to add to the mix. This year, you may receive one or more forms that provide information about your 2015 health coverage. These forms are 1095-A, 1095-B and 1095-C. Fortunately, they may not all... Read More »