Building Your Why In 9 Steps

“Judge of your natural character by what you do in your dreams.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

When we enter a new business, it is human nature to jump in and start doing business without laying the proper groundwork. But we all know what happens to the house that is built upon sand… I know because I’ve been there a few times in the past.

Building a business requires laying a solid foundation and laying the foundation requires direction, planning, material, and hard work. It is the purpose of this discussion to provide you with some of this and to get you pointed in the right direction.

I am writing this for the new members (and some older ones) of my team that have joined us since the Ipas2 rejuvenated itself into the “Supercharged” Ipas2. My initial “why” was established a while back when I first joined the industry but you know what? I still enjoy the lift I get by refocusing. Try this and with the results you will get, you’ll like it!

The many changes made by Ipas2 in the new version are great! The company now not only eases the setup of the company, streamlines the entire process of training, but it also has specific instructions for a “30-day Traffic Plan” to guide the new member.

In the 30-day Traffic Plan, on day 1, there is an exercise to build the needed foundation. The exercise is called Setting Your Goals and Creating a Clear Why.

I love this exercise and if completed correctly, it works. I wanted to show you how it can be addressed by going through it myself and following the layout for my specific circumstances. Yours will be different of course because we are at different points in this journey.

Here it is in the hope that it can be a helpful guide for you.


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9 Steps To Clarity

April 19, 2015

Step 1: Define what you want on July 15, 2015 (90 days)

 Today is April 19, 2015. By July 19, 2015, my goal is to gross another $10,000.00 a month and increase residual income by $5,000.00. This extra income will allow me to acquire the items and do the things I want with my new wealth this year and to save another $50,000. in my savings by the end of the following year. In 2016, once the house is remodeled with updated kitchen and flooring, the additional income will become a most welcome addition to our travel and savings fund.

The freedom that this increase in revenue provides will allow me to focus upon helping others by developing new tools to show leadership to my team and help those in need to overcome the fear, distrust, and obstacles of embarking on a new adventure.  


Step 2: Define what the goal will give you

Achieving the goal of an additional $10,000.00 per month will give me the feeling that I have shown that I have what it takes to make this online marketing affiliate business with Ipas2 and Empower Network work, get me closer to that $1,000,000.00 ring and build a legacy for my family. The increased residuals will give me the peace of mind that the business will provide my wife with a supplement to her income in the event I am unable to do so.

I will evidence my achievement. My reward for reaching this goal will of course, be the self-assurance that I achieve but more materially, I will purchase a new car for cash. This is something that I have never done and will revel in the great feeling of counting out the $100 dollar bills for payment. Even with a less extravagant purchase-I have always viewed automobiles as utilities, not fashion- there will be quite a stack of paper.

We will remodel the kitchen, replace the carpet, and upgrade the appliances in our home. Once complete, we will put on the rental market and look for a place further out from this northern Virginia area. The time lost in traffic has become a major problem and both the wife and I agree that a smaller place further out would be ideal.

We will still maintain an urban lifestyle until the wife retires in a few years but there is no reason why we can’t incorporate a “couple’s massage’ into our curriculum. We both enjoy massages but they are infrequent so I will schedule them at home on a regular basis.

And of course there is travel. We both love, love to travel! The children are grown and as a professional, my wife can schedule her vacation plans pretty much throughout the year. Add to this my freedom as an entrepreneur and you have a combination made in heaven. The only improvement would be my wife having complete freedom to travel at any moment and unlimited funds…but this will come.

We will continue to schedule travel throughout the year taking vacations of a week or so (actually her four day workweek with Fridays off allows for a 9-10 day trip each time) working around holidays or seasonal events for better scheduling.


 Step 3: Define your life’s purpose (what would you do with unlimited funds?)

 My life’s purpose has always been to protect, provide, and serve. Semper Fi!

With unlimited funds and knowing my personality, I would still continue with my plan to remodel the house and purchase that car for cash (because of the pleasure it would give), set a plan to provide for the children and their families, and then immediately retire the wife to free her up for the travel we both want.

To play catch up for my wife, I would have a travel agent provide a travel agenda from places I have already been when serving in the Foreign Service. This is only fair as I had the opportunity to already have been around the world four times and placed my feet upon all of the continents except Antarctica. I know that she would love it and as it has been a while, I would have no issue with revisits.

Then there would be places we have not been and of course, places to revisit. She loves Hawaii but there are also the Fiji islands, Seychelles, Western Australia, and other parts of the world still waiting. And let’s not forget our own motherland. This country of America has beauty unrivaled anywhere in the world.

Unlimited funds would allow for the purchase of a remote homestead as we will always need a headquarters. We would want a place remote from the traffic of life…a place surrounded by a barrier to ensure privacy. An island. Not just any island but an island in a tropical setting with very little climate change. It could be as far north as the Georgia coast or as far south as Costa Rica and the surrounding vicinity. Belize looks nice.

And of course, there would be charities. But I would establish new charities as I have seen too many “charities” siphon off large portions of the funds with administrative bull***t and salaries. My goal would be to get the funds where they are needed. My initial focus will be to focus upon relieving hunger here at home. One of the silliest things imaginable is to have hunger in the richest country in the world.


Step 4: How will you know when you are on the right track?

While my objective is 90 days in the future, I need periodic validation to know if I am achieving or moving farther away from my goals. These signposts will indicate if my plan is being successful.

 To achieve my monetary goal within 90 days, I will plan in increments back from 90 days. In 90 days, I will need to increase my gross revenue by $10,000.00 per month. This roughly approximates an increase of $3,3333.33 per month over the current revenues. Month 1: $3,3333.; Month 2: $6,667.; Month 3: $10,000.

Further, this breaks down weekly to approximately $111. @ day increase for month 1: $3,333/30 days = $111.

Extrapolating to a week = $778 ($111. X 7 days). Because I am a Black card member, my commissions can range to a full $3000. per lead, not including the monthly residual so regardless of income surges, I will focus heavily on the residual income factor and an average commission per signup to project my figures.

I will achieve my goal by reinvesting profits from the increased revenues at 30-50% to scale the project. I will increase my pay-per-click advertising and direct traffic to the Ipas2 capture page that is best working and direct more leads to my blog for other affiliate offers.

Each week I will monitor my results and adjust my marketing accordingly.


Step 5: Take a Quantum Jump backward from your timeline and bring the outcome of Steps 1-4 into the present.

It is now July 19, 2015 and I have just come down to the office. It is hot outside but it is July and I can feel the humidity building. Nothing like the DC area in the summer. Thank God for air conditioning.

I boot up the computer and while it is booting I go to the kitchen and insert my decaf container into the Keurig and wait for the gurgling sound to stop. There it is. I take a sip of coffee and reflect upon last evening’s dinner at YeCheon, a Korean restaurant in Annandale. You know, it is a shame that more people don’t try different cuisines…

I return to the office and all 3 monitors are up and the computer is humming. I sign on and as is my routine, first go to check the figures from yesterday. I sign in to the Ipas2 back office and wait a second as the marketing center loads. I set the calendar on the commissions page for the period July 19, 2015 to today. The settings take a second and there it is… total earnings for the 30 day period: $15,250., an increase of $10,125. over my average revenues.

My goal has been reached.

I now have options available to me that I did not have before. I can either continue to scale the operation, withdraw funds to start remodeling, or reward myself with a prize. Decisions, decisions. I decide that for the day, I am going to ask the wife if she is up to a drive to the beach after church. It is Sunday and if we go after church, the beach should be a bit less crowded. Maybe I’ll ask her if she can take the day off tomorrow and we’ll stay over for the evening and avoid the crowds on the drive back.

I realize that perhaps it is not a very big reward and it has been hard work but all the decisions do not have to be made in one day. On the way to the beach we can discuss that new car and perhaps discuss that new vacation or we can lay out the remodeling plans. I now have the freedom of choice that I planned for back in April.

For the future, I have options. Now that I have seen what can be accomplished in 90 days, I will set my goals even higher. Challenges for an entrepreneur are the nectar of the soul. With each challenge overcome, confidence builds. There is no room for complacency in this game.

I realize that I have at my fingertips the ability to change the way I have been conducting business. To get to this point, my focus has been upon achieving the plan and using marketing tools to do so. Now that I how accomplished the objective, when I set future goals, I can do it with an eye to additional resources such as automating a larger portion of the business and more use of virtual assistants to free up time. Ipas2 has an excellent coaching program so the day to day coaching of my team can be well cared for and with the various marketing tools available, I can provide team oversight with webinars and videos.

The learning experience of this past 90 days has created a new outlook on my business. More options and freedom of choices are available.


Step 6: Identify possible obstacles to achieving goals

While the results are definitely achievable, there will be distractions and obstacles. Perhaps the largest obstacle to any entrepreneur is the myriad assortment of tools that are available and the time it takes to master them. Add to this, the fact that you must set aside your freedom and buckle down to get the job down and you realize that you must look inside yourself for that inner strength.

Inner strength comes from knowing that you can rise to the challenge. I remember that once upon a time we were required to do a 50 mile forced march from Camp LeJeune to Wilmington, NC. with a 40 pound full pack. The carrot was a 72-hour pass but when the march was over very few marines felt like going on liberty. I laid in my bunk tending to my blistered feet for most of the weekend. But you know what? We made it and the C Company,3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines made it in record time. HOORAH!!!

My point with my little bragging story is that all of us can rise to the challenge when it is necessary. It takes focus and consistency. I remember on the march that it took focus and consistently putting one foot in front of the other at a 2.5 mile per hour pace. By finishing the march on my feet, I know it can be done.

You must develop focus and consistency if you are going to own any kind of business. You can close yourself off from the outside world but you cannot shut yourself off from your inner thoughts. Too often the small business owner loses focus and heads off in a direction that seems opportune (and may be) but will take you down an unintended path. Witness the fact that there must be hundreds of work-at-home opportunities at any given time. You start one and before you master it, another pops up and off you go. Now you have two opportunities going and a third surfaces. Before you know it, you are the Jack-of-All-Trades and master of “zilch”. This is not how it is done.

To succeed at this business, you need focus. Pick a plan and work it. The 30-day plan laid out by the Ipas2 program will provide the direction you need. Be consistent in its application every day!

Pick one or two organic tools for leads and work them to mastery. Start with something like Facebook or Twitter and work them until they are second nature. Something mastered is a quick chore and you will find that this will free up that precious commodity, time.

To overcome obstacles of any kind, first recognize the obstacle and then plan for it. It is then a matter of focusing upon the plan and addressing the plan with a consistency. After a bit of discipline, you will see that it is as easy to do as it is to say.


Step 7: Designing your ideal day (workday)

My ideal day begins early. I feel much better by rising early although I have been known to sleep in on occasion. Early should be around 8:00 AM. On a workday, I would have a light breakfast while listening to a motivational audio having taken my vitamins already. I prefer to eat in as there is just too much noise in the eating establishments anymore and I actually like to cook a bit. At least then you have an idea what you are eating. A live-in chef would be nice and I am giving that some very real consideration. Regardless, the maid will clear and clean the breakfast area.

The masseuse would arrive around 9:00 AM and weather permitting, would meet us on the verandah by the pool for our morning couples massage. I would be briefed on the national and international news by my personal assistant while receiving the massage. ( I like to be informed but do not care much for the media presentations.)

 At 10:00 AM, I would walk to my home office located on the other side of the house overlooking the garden and horse pasture acreage that came with the estate. First in my routine would be to listen to a selected motivational audio which usually lasts for close to an hour while gazing out upon the countryside. I would spend a few minutes to fully immerse myself in my focus and the achievement of my goals.

Following my mindset hour, I would review my communications and spend some time responding to those that required personal attention and delegating the remainder to the team.

My analytics would have already been drawn by my assistant for my review and I would spend an hour or so reviewing the reports to plan the daily and weekly strategy.

Over lunch, a short remote conference call with my cadre of virtual assistants would be held to discuss any issues and to layout the needs for the day and any changes being made to the weekly and monthly plans. Marketing and syndication assignments would be made.

After lunch, around 1:30, I would read for an hour, reflecting upon new marketing ideas and techniques and to once again immerse myself in my focus and the achievement of my goals. I would do this until approximately 3:00 PM at which time the wife and I would go for a horseback ride or head to the skeet range for our daily playtime together.

The next day, I would rinse & repeat only varying the 3:00 pm activity.


Step 8: Mental rehearsals for Bend time for Goal Achievement

To let my mind know what makes me happy, I will focus upon my goals morning noon and night. In this way, I will maintain my focus and apply the principle of consistency. I will use my goals as a focal point to guide my day.

Today, as I have my morning coffee, I am excited for the day as I have another opportunity to provide for and protect my family and live the lifestyle I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED. It is truly amazing! I look at my bank balance and can see that the balance is constantly growing through my efforts and while money cannot provide happiness, it is the key that can unlock the doors to where it is.

I now have the money to do what I want, when I want to do it, and where I want to do it. I have achieved freedom in the true sense of the word.

I now have the money to retire my wife form the job that she has become disenchanted with, allowing her to pursue other ventures if she wishes.

I now have the freedom to provide for the extended family, to help those in need ease their daily struggles, to help those who need help with the graduate study loans, to help those who need assistance in pursuing a different lifestyle.

I look at my plans and see that I have been successful in scaling and then automating the online marketing process so that I have a significant enterprise mostly on autopilot. I am no longer restricted to or tied to a vehicle and have a business that I can run from anywhere there is an internet connection. Just for the hell of it, I want to fly to Belize and see what the Wi-Fi reception is like.

 I have never felt so free in my life!!!



 I understand that it would also be havoc if everything you wanted just popped up and that’s why the universe puts one more step in between you thinking about what you want and do you actually getting it.

 All the planning I have just done is futile if I don’t take action. It is really important to keep the momentum of the enthusiasm I have already created.


Well, there you have it, my friends. I have a copy of this at my desk and read it a couple of times a day. The first  is right after my mindset hour and the second after lunch. The timing of the read is not all that important. What is important is to keep your goals and objectives fresh in your mind and let them guide you through the day.

To your success!