About Felix J.

I am an experienced entrepreneur with substantial tax law background having served in several  federal government management positions with increasing responsibilities over a 30 year Treasury Department-Internal Revenue Service career which included a 5-year assignment to Saudi Arabia with the Foreign Service. This experience has provided a unique perspective and insight into business dealings.

During my career(s) I have developed several specialties: strong organizational and time management skills which allow for a variety of ongoing activities ranging from investment & financial advice, tax consultation & defaulted paper activities, oversight of several small business operations and the most recently launched affiliate marketing concerns.

All of these activities have allowed for the development of personal specialty skills in facilitating, negotiating, business design and development, business oversight, and consultation, and I would love to share them with you!


Well, I was raised in love with two brothers in the poverty neighborhoods of Charleston, South Carolina. My mother worked in a cigar factory; rolling cigars for pennies a day, while my brothers and I stayed with my Aunt before she got too sick. After that, we had a nanny to watch over us while mom worked. My fondest memories were of “sugar-milk” treats and “sugar-bread”, the special treats for behaving.

We didn’t know we were poor; didn’t know that we were supposed to be racists because we were southerners. Poverty doesn’t make a racial distinction. We all just pulled together to get by.

My first job was a paper route in Charleston after school at the age of 10; then I worked at the Piggly Wiggly as a stock boy for $.25 an hour – working my way up to .50 an hour. I remember my pride at being able to give my mother my paycheck to help out.

The next chapter is my teenage years which largely took place in Norfolk, Virginia. And like most teenagers at the time, our turned up collars and “duck-tail” haircuts categorized us as “tough” guys.  If not for a series of events, I could be writing a whole different story.

One of those events and perhaps the most important was my decision to enter the military. And of course, being a “tough guy”, there was only one choice.

The United States Marine Corps was a turning point. The Corps not only kicked the shit and cockiness out of me, they made me learn what type of person I am and-and what can be accomplished through sheer will. It is the type of experience that all young men and women should experience to truly understand what they are made of and what they can do. I often create arguments for telling people it would really build the moral fiber of this country if we had a mandatory service requirement for all young adults.

Coming out of the Corps, I made use of my VA benefits. The Corps had instilled in me a desire to go beyond the ordinary, and the way to do that at least for me -was to continue my education.
I hold a BS from Indiana University, and an MBA from Morgan State University – all thanks to my VA benefits. And considering that I had the potential for being a high school drop-out, that ain’t bad!
My good fortune includes a stellar 30-year government career with the US Treasury Department spending 5 years with the foreign service in the Middle East which I loved! The assignment afforded me the opportunity to have traveled around the world on 5 separate occasions. And before you get critical about your tax money, the travel was out-of-pocket.
I have set foot on 6 of the 7 continents, NA, Europe, Asia, SA, Africa, Australia, and NO, I have no intention of Antarctica-I can see penguins at the Zoo.
I have scuba dove  (sounds weird but correct English) with my daughter in the Red Sea, went drift diving in Cozumel in the Caribbean , the Great barrier reef off Cairnes in Queensland, Australia, and in the heavy currents off Bali, Indonesia. (I love this sport and if not for medical conditions, I would still be at it).
I have survived Cancer!
 I have drunk warm goat’s milk with the bedouins in the Rub Al khali, shared Kupsa with my friends at the Department of Zakat in Riyadh, KSA. Toured Bavaria in the Spring, as well as Paris. I have toured Europe and Great Britain, Scotland & Scotland’s magnificent Orkney islands, the pyramids of Eygpt, the Taj Mahal in Agra, (which btw, of the 7 modern wonders, the only ones not visited are Machu Picchu & the Great wall of China) – not sure how I missed the Great Wall, I have spent major time in Hong Kong Kowloon, and Macau, went nose to nose with the Maoris in New Zealand, suffered the indignities of the value of the American dollar in Japan- as well as many other countries, and have driven on the wrong side of the road in many countries.
As you can see from this brief summary of my journey, I have been blessed. I have a wonderful family and good fortune and now it is time to give back. This is why I wish to share.
I am still living the “good life” and long ago adopted a lifestyle of “paying it forward!”  In my travels both physical and spiritual, I have learned THE SECRET. Join me on my journey and I’ll explain!

To your Success!

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