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The Medicine of Chuckles!

Have you heard that laughter is good for the soul? Well, it turns out that it is good for the heart too!

A study inside the journal of Heart magazine discovered that LAUGHTER truly may be the best medicine! The study showed that people who watched a funny film showed about the identical cardiovascular positive aspects as an individual jogging.

Now I, nor any other reasonable person is about to recommend that you stop jogging or exercising and devote a lot more time sitting in front with the Television watching films, but the study reveals some interesting facts as to the added benefits that come from laughter.

Actually, there are several research findings linking damaging feelings, for instance, anger, worry, hostility and depression to poorer overall health.

Unfortunately, there are not as many studies displaying the positive aspects to those persons that have a happier outlook.

The key point is the fact that feelings trigger several hormones and neurotransmitters (brain messengers) which have an effect on our wellness.

Men and women who go through the day with damaging feelings like worry, fear, anxiousness and hostility, produce additional pressure hormones and neurotransmitters that relate to poorer overall health, as opposed to men and women who walk around happy and smiling. The content folks don’t have as many strain hormones running through their bodies!

The takeaway is basic, smile more!

Never worry about the petty stuff, enjoy life!

Scripture teaches to not worry about tomorrow…when there is certainly enough to worry about in the present. Besides, 90% of the things we are concerned about and worry about today, never happen!

Did You know?

Your Adrenal Glands make upwards to 50 kinds of hormones.

Don’t cook foods in plastic containers in microwave ovens…this could release poisonous ‘Dioxins’ into your foods. Use glass or ceramic containers.
Cover foods having a paper towel, instead of plastic wraps!

Several headaches are triggered by dehydration.

Prayer & meditation can reduce blood pressure. (I love to stand in the shower for quick meditation- I use deep breathing exercises and have the warm water relax me as I deep breath and exhale for 20 repetitions).

It is not really important what you do as long as you can go to that “happy” place we all have!


So, my friends, I hope you enjoyed these brief comments. Now enjoy life and keep smiling!


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Activate Your Fat Burning Capacity

How you can Get the Weight Off… and Keep It Off!

One particular thing we know for certain is the fact that for the last 30-plus years, we’ve become far more overweight and more men and women are struggling with diabetes, including our little ones.

This leads me towards the conclusion that a lot of the guidance we’ve been provided might not be complete.

Even so, our obesity dilemma is greater than just diet regime and physical exercise. Folks have already been dieting and exercising for years and are still struggling with their weight, which tells us there is certainly another piece to the puzzle.

The often-overlooked missing ingredient is Stress as well as the impact it has on our fat-burning hormones.

Stress has grown to be the number-one dilemma right here in America, and a lot of men and women consider themselves to be under excessive stress. Our lives have grown to be so fast-paced, so go-go, with so little time for you to unwind and take pleasure in life, and all of this is due to the fact we’ve all become so over-booked.

Stress is actually a large part of this entire weight reduction issue due to the hormones it produces…Stress produces fat STORING hormones!

To successfully shed weight and hold it off, you must eat correct and workout, but you also need to regulate those hormones, so your metabolism will function the way it was created to. Once you do that, you restore regular metabolic function, which puts you back inside the ‘fat-burning zone’ — then the body will begin actually burning those undesirable pounds!

Listed here are several easy steps to get your hormones back in balance…

1. Help adrenal function by utilizing supplements that include ingredients like; Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Ginseng, L-Theanine, Fenugreek, Gymnema Sylvestre and vitamins and minerals like B-Complex, C, Zinc, Manganese, Chromium, Calcium, and Magnesium.

Adrenal-Fuel is actually a fantastic choice for STRESS Recovery. Learn more about this fantastic product at FELIXHEALTH.

2. Stabilize blood sugar and fight cravings by consuming low-glycemic foods. These consist of things like meats, fish, poultry and lean green vegetables. A NatraLife Super Food Smoothie (LEARN MORE) can make a fast & healthy meal replacement.

3. An irritated digestive system is actually an enormous stressor! Improve the health of your digestive tract by utilizing good digestive enzymes and probiotics. NatraLife Super Foods Blend and Organic Aloe Vera Concentrate can also help.

If you are experiencing chronic digestive problems, such as indigestion, bloating and gas, try to limit or avoid common food allergens, such as dairy, coffee, soy, and sometimes wheat and corn products. Combine foods properly — Don’t consume foods that include protein and sugar or starches within the same meal…for example, meat & potato, high-protein meal followed by dessert, protein shake with fruit added, ice cream, etc.

4. Take time for you to loosen up and reflect on positive things! Do 3-5 minutes of deep breathing, pray, or take a walk. This step alone can dramatically reduce stress hormone levels!

Give these tips a try for just 30 days…you will be pleasantly surprised!


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