Personalize Experiences with Digital Marketing (6 of 11)

Digital marketing case studies show that personalization can be one of the most effective ways to convert browsers into buyers and buyers into loyal customers who will be eager to purchase more products and services from you. There are many personalization tools available these days, but many of them can be quite expensive to use. So what’s a new online business owner to do?

The answer is to start with what works. If you are not doing it already, try it and you should soon start to see results.


Cater with Content

The first way to get the attention of your target audience is to pay attention to them. Go to their favorite sites, blogs, networks, forums, groups, and more. What are they complaining about? What issues do they have? Create content that will solve their problems.


Compare with Competitors

Read reviews online about top products in your niche, similar to ones you would like to sell. What are your target customers buying, how much are they paying for them, and what are they praising or complaining about? What suggestions do they make as to how the product could be better?


Get Them on Your Lists

You will have to work very hard to get traffic to your site. Don’t just let them click in once, then wander away forever. Instead, offer them a free special report or e-course related to your niche. When you create your emails, personalize them using the automated features you will find at sites such as AWeber.

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Also, be sure to offer separate lists for prospects, customers, and for those who are coming to you from other sources, such as those signing up through a joint venture partnership.

The email addresses you collect from your partner’s marketing list will be yours to do with as you choose, but their behavior is likely to be very different from your loyal followers who have had more time to get to know you (at least initially).

This being the case, your first emails should not be hard sells, but more of relationship-building emails.

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When they buy, use automation to move them to a customer list. In this way, you won’t be treating everyone the same. If they have already bought product X, for example, it’s a waste of time to keep sending emails about it. Instead, offer them related products Y and Z.


Learn through Surveys


People love to give their opinions.

Ask your customers from time to time what products or services they would be most interested. Take action to deliver their #1 choice.

This will show you are a company who cares.

                   You will also have a built-in customer base willing to buy when you launch.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


Don’t Drive All of Your Marketing Traffic to Your Home Page

One of the most important skills to master as a digital marketer is tracking and testing. That is, you create and launch a promotion, track the results, and test to try to improve them. This can be time-consuming if you are using your home page as the destination URL for each promotion.

Create one landing page for your customers, then duplicate it for your Facebook, Twitter, and other marketing initiatives. Create separate pages for free versus paid ads at these sites.

Match the content on the page to what you published on the network. Create slightly different URLs, and you will be able to track your results fast and see what is working best.

These simple ways of personalizing can lead to faster relationship building, for more profits.

More on relationship building next time.


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3 proven ways you can boost sales with autoresponders

Many people associate autoresponders with emails. They are not mistaken anyway but for this piece of auto pilot programs are more than emails. Autoresponders are tools that can be used in a variety of ways to grow and skyrocket the sales of a business.


Remember, a sale does not only involve the mounting of an e-commerce site, putting up a shopping cart and then getting buyers to make choices. It involves constant, well-crafted and sophisticated interaction with customers.


In this article, we look at 3 effective ways you can use autoresponders to generate six figure incomes for your website.


Publishing an ezine (electronic magazine)

Autoresponders which have the broadcast capabilities can be used as a cost-effective means to create mailing lists to which you can periodically send your readers ezines. Ezines have the great value of preparing the minds of your prospective buyers for a purchase.


It is a good platform from which you can launch your product or service, or explain how your business works. The more informed your customers are, the more they will buy from you.


If you are publishing ezines, it will serve you best to first offer a sample content. This way, prospective readers can have a preview of the actual ezines and then be able to get the needed urge to read the full ezine or the real one to follow.


Article distribution

You can use autoresponders to distribute your articles. Articles in which you have embedded your product links are an excellent way to boost sales.


There are two reasons for this: First, an article is more explanatory and friendly than a sales letter. Secondly, an article can surreptitiously suggest to the reader to buy a product or patronize a service indirectly.


The most important point for publishing articles are the confidence and authority with which the readers associate the writer. If your readers find your articles informative and useful, they will tend to like your opinions and recommendations’ resulting in greater sales of your products.


It is not only your opt-in list that can benefit from your articles. You can broadcast them to webmasters who need articles to boost their search engine rankings. As people read them at these sites, they follow the links in the articles to reach your site for a purchase or an enquiry of your product.


Using autoresponders to generate repeat sales

A customer who buys from you today is more likely to buy again tomorrow. Actually, every business should strive for repeat sales and people who buy for the first time take less effort to make the next purchase.


You can use autoresponders to tell your past customers about the latest version of a product or an upgrade. You can tell them about the availability of some accessories or enhancements to the original product that are worth buying.


You can even tell them about discounts available and say it is available to only past customers for them to get a feel of being valued as buyers.


No business can afford to lose sight of the leverage that autoresponders bring to them. It is, therefore, a strong recommendation that both start-up businesses and well-established ones incorporate them in their website planning and online presence efforts.


Autoresponders such as the quality ones found at Aweber  help a business generate a high return on its investments.


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